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HP Touchpad Fire Sale, A Poison Pill For iPad 2 Wannabes?

One of the lasting legacies of the decision by Hewlett Packard to sell the HP Touchpad for £89 in the UK and $99 in the US is that by the end of the month, there might be as many as 100,000 WebOS based tablets on the market and possibly three times that amount by the end of the year as HP gets rid of existing stock.

The downside is that many users will want to get hold of the TouchPad rather than buy a similarly priced Android-based tablet and we've already noticed that the device is the best selling tablet at Amazon and at other online retailers in the UK.

The TouchPad runs on the now doomed WebOS but there are already ongoing projects - like TouchDroid - aiming to bring Google's mobile platform to HP's discontinued tablet.

What the £89 TouchPad will induce is the need for a quality tablet at the entry level of the market, a need generated by those who will have missed on the TouchPad deal and/or those who haven't been able to hack the tablet to run on Gingerbread or Honeycomb.

Ironically, Apple's iPad 2 is likely to be the winner of the changes at the very low end of the market as users either get disappointed by the lack of choice and quality amongst sub $200 tablets and choose either to wait for a cheaper iPad or bite the bullet and by the "expensive" Apple tablet irregardless.