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iOS App Helps Track Police Activities in Surrey

A new free iPhone app will now allow residents of Runnymede to see what their local police men are up to during the day.

UK based app developer Multizone has created a pair of apps, one for the general public and the other for the cops.

The iOS for the public allows them to see police feeds on platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Users will also be able to see what the cops are doing at a particular time and even decide whether it is the appropriate use of police time, The Register reports.

Cops will be able to able to select what activities they want the public to see them doing at any given time and are also able to geotag the data so their location is revealed on the map.

The applications have been designed using Appcenter's JavaScript-cross-compilation technology so that they are supported by iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. The iPhone version of the app meant for the public has been launched while the RIM and Android are on their way as well.

For this initiative, Vodafone and Huawei decided to offer Android devices to the cops but many preferred to stick with their iPhones, a Multizone executive told The Register. As it stands, only iOS app has been made available, but apps based on other platforms should soon follow.

The free app is available from iTunes App Store here.