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Miramax Unveils On Demand Streaming for Facebook Users

According to new reports, movie distributing house Miramax is going to unveil a brand new on demand streaming movie venture targeted at the ever expanding Facebook user base.

According to the company, the new offering, Miramax eXperience, will bring along with it 20 titles for rent in the US, and 10 titles for both Turkey and the UK. Miramax is likely to expand the service to France and Germany as well in the days to come.

Facebook users can take advantage of this offering by paying 30 Facebook credits, equivalent to $3, for each title. Though the rental validity is active for 30 days, the maximum life period of the viewing window is just 2 days once opened.

“We wanted to fish where the fish are. We could have created the most robust in the world and other than my family members, who would be there?” said Miramax CEO Mike Lang, PaidContent reports.

“We believe over time as an industry we have to figure out a way to buy content digitally and use it interoperably across all devices.” he added.

Meanwhile, Lang also hinted towards coming up with a brand new iPad application with in-app sales.

As of now, the service is still in Beta testing and only 10 films are available to view in the UK. The app may be accessed here.