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New Symbian version on the way

Finnish fone maker Nokia has made public a teaser to something new coming to their Symbian OS, via their own Facebook account.

Nokia has created a page under their own FB account, entitled 'Try something new' with a countdown clock to 1:45pm on Wednesday afternoon - where all will be revealed.

At the base of the countdown image are the words 'Something new on Symbian', hinting that the reveal could be possibly the successor to the recently released Symbian Anna OS for existing Symbian^3 run devices.

It has been reported the update to Anna will be known by the codename of Belle, which has the same look and feel to the new Symbian Anna platform with the more rounded icons and an updated underlying infrastructure.

One Mobile Ring has seen the new OS running on a handset, where it does have the same look and feel to the Symbian Anna OS whilst rendering webpages very fast indeed.

We have recently published a hands-on walkthrough of Symbian Anna, which we deployed on a Nokia E7 up against an E7 running the older Symbian^3 - seen here.

Check back with One Mobile Ring tomorrow, where all we be revealed.

Nokia Facebook - Try Something New

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