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Nintendo to Host 3DS Tradeshow to Promote New Console Games

Game console heavyweight Nintendo is going to host a 3DS tradeshow in September to promote new games for the system.

Recently, Nintendo cut the price of the 3DS video game console by 40 percent, which increased sales considerably. Inspired by this success, Nintendo has strategically planned to launch a few new games for the gaming console to make the system even more desirable to consumers.

However, Nintendo has refrained from revealing any additional details about the tradeshow, scheduled for September 13 in Tokyo, Japan. But the game heavyweight’s stocks took a steady upward turn on Tuesday - about 8.4 percent following widespread speculation regarding the new games which could raise sales figures for the video game console even more.

According to industry experts, Nintendo has to introduce new games to sustain the positive response from consumers after lowering the price. Perhaps Nintendo also agrees with this theory as, according to some trustworthy reports, the company is planning to launch 3D versions of some of its more popular games including Mario Kart and Super Mario during the upcoming holiday season at the end of the year.