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No Price Cut for Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan

Top Microsoft Xbox 360 executive, Chris Lewis, has revealed that the company is not under any pressure to introduce a price cut of the Xbox 360 video game console anytime soon.

Interestingly, this revelation has come at a crucial time since the company has seen a steady decline in the sales of the Xbox 360 game console in Japan. When Nintendo and Sony, two of Microsoft's main competitors, introduced significant price cuts to their 3DS and PlayStation3 consoles, the reduced prices were embraced quickly by Japanese consumers.

In Japan, sales of Nintendo and Sony video game consoles are soaring as opposed to the Xbox 360 which sold just 1576 units last week. While some may think this alone would prompt a price cut in Xbox 360 consoles, this is not enough to encourage a price reduction.

According to, Lewis, the European arm of Xbox 360 insists, “We have better service provisions than anybody. We attach more effectively than anybody. I think Xbox Live is enviable. We're happy with our position. While we're not complacent about the competition, I wouldn't trade places." Hopefully, this is a well-thought out strategy rather than childish arrogance.