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Noon News: Amazon Rival Groupon Goods, iPad 2 Rival from Packard Bell, No PlayStation 4 Yet

Daily deals giant Groupon might be planning to expand into the realm of online retail, if the ongoing rumours are to be believed. It was recently reported that the company had registered a number of domain names including ‘’ and ‘’, giving rise to suggestions that the company was expanding its operations to online retail, a domain largely dominated by Amazon.

It is surprising that Packard Bell waited for so long before launching its own opponent to the iPad 2; that said, as one might have expected, it is just a repackaged version of the Acer Iconia A500. The Taiwanese manufacturer being the owner of the brand, there are not a lot of innovations to be expected and the tablet - the Liberty G100-16GB - is merely a red version of Acer's tablet that was launched earlier this year.

Japanese gaming giant Sony has claimed that it has ‘no desire’ to release the long-rumoured PS4 console as of now. Sony’s worldwide studios head Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer that the company will release a new console only when it believes that game developers are no longer capable of improving the games they make for the console.

Google’s Android operating system continues to dominate the US smartphone market in the second quarter but Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular smartphone in the US, a new report reveals. According to market research group NDP, Google had a 52 percent market share in the US smartphone market during the second quarter while Apple’s iOS raised its share to 29 percent.

HP will sell the unlocked version of the Pre 3 for as little as $75 (£46) in France and the UK according to a report from PC Magazine; the handset will not go on sale in the US and is already out of stock in Germany. A spokesperson told the tech news website that the handset would go on sale shortly and will send more details as soon as possible; it is not known whether mobile phone operators who had stocked the handset will reflect the new price drop.