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RankMyHack: New Platform for Hackers to Showcase Skills

A new website launched last month and designed to provide the hacker community a platform to showcase their skills and earn ranking points, has already witnessed over 700 proud hackers submitting proofs of their hacking achievements in order to gain acclamation from the underground hacking fraternity.

The site named, was introduced by a hacker nicknamed Solar with the view of bringing some amount of accountability to the chat rooms and online forums where members of the hacking fraternity gather and engage in discussions, exchange of tricks and skills, form alliances and purchase or sell contraband.

Its no big deal that in such forums and chat rooms wherein almost 100 percent of the members come with anonymous identity, it is seen more often than not that young, wannabe hackers cause annoyance amongst the more experienced and veteran hackers with their “loud-mouth”, despite lacking the expertise to go in sync with their words. seems to have a solution for this problem, and hence it has already seen hundreds of hackers coming up with proofs of their hacking of over 1200 websites in the last one month alone.

“So have you got what it takes to be the best?” reads the home page of the site.