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SpyEye Hacking Tool Now Accessible To The Criminal Masses

SpyEye, a potentially dangerous hacking tool, has become widely available for anyone to buy, giving rise to concerns about the threat posed by cyber attacks.

According to an article on USA Today, security researchers have predicted a large rise in the number of attacks orchestrated using SpyEye for the rest of the year.

The toolkit, which is far more dangerous and sophisticated than ZeuS, was previously used by a group of elite hackers and was sold for as much as $10,000.

However, after a group of French security researchers managed to crack the toolkit’s activation key, its entire source code has been laid bare for hackers to replicate and sell for as low as $95, making it available for virtual anyone with malicious intent.

"SpyEye is very dynamic and versatile," Amit Klein, chief technical officer of Trusteer warns.

“Every level of criminal, from the lowest to the highest rungs, can now use one of the deadliest Swiss Army knife hacking toolkits in the world," Sean Bodmer, senior threat intelligence analyst at network security firm Damballa, told USA Today.

Ever since the toolkit was released online, 14 cyber gangs have taken advantage of it, sending commands to thousands of botnet PCs in the United States.