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Men of War web site heralds Vietnamese mission

The horror, the horror. Yes, those conflict-loving guys at 1C Company have chosen to thrust you firmly back into the hell that is war by launching a new website in preparation for the next chapter in their Men of War series.

A quick trip to will introduce you to the jungle, Hueys and rock-n-roll in early 1968 in Men of War: Vietnam.

Two separate campaigns will allow you either to play with a squad of US elite Spec Ops soldiers working solo or in league with South Vietnamese troops, or (undoubtedly more fun) with two Soviet 'military consultants' and their Red allies who have to find their way back on foot without radio communication to North Vietnamese territory after surviving an ambush by American troops.

The first video diary has already been posted and a rather po-faced project lead Nikita Altman in a Hawaiian shirt tells us they chose Vietnam because it's controversial, there are no tactical games set there and there's plenty of jungle.

Nikita promises us new HDR effects, fully destructible environments and almost every vehicle can be controlled or captured. Follow the Ho Chi Minh trail, navigate the Mekon Delta, rescue American POWs and engage in the fierce Tet Offensive - yep, this is just like living in Apocalypse Now, complete with chopper sounds, Charlie comments and lots of cool music. No word from the Doors though.

There's a couple of video trailers that will give you a general flavour of the action, as well as four chunky mission walkthroughs with running commentary. Now this voice-over guy really enjoys his work - detailing all your troops and their specialities, how best to take out a bunker and what fun it is to use a T54 tank to destroy pretty much everything in sight.

The game launches on September 8th.