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£38.29 Seagate 500GB Expansion Portable Hard Drive

The Seagate 500GB Expansion Portable Hard Drive is a compact and perfect storage solution for all those who are on the move most of the time.

Without the need for installation of any drivers, the Seagate Expansion HDD can be used instantly after being plugged to your laptop or desktop PC through a USB cable. There is no need for any external power source as the hard disk is powered through the USB cable.

The Seagate portable drive is automatically recognised by Windows based system and hence there is no need to install even software to operate it. Saving files if pretty easy with drag and drop functionality.

With the USB 2.0 connectivity, you get blazing fast data transfer speeds. The built-in power management ensures that the HDD functions with utmost efficiency without compromising on quality and reliability. The USB 2.0 is also backward compatible with systems which might have the older USB 1.1 port.

The Expansion portable drive is approximately 322gm in weight and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The package includes a USB cable, a quick start guide along with the portable drive.

The Seagate 500GB Expansion Portable Hard Drive is available from Amazon for £38.29.