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£89 TouchPad Saga: More Tablets Coming But No Confirmation For UK

Mark Budgell, the man in charge of HP's The Next Bench blog has published a detailed Q&A for those looking for some clarity after the world's biggest computer manufacturer sent mixed messages (we're being kind there) to its customers, investors and the technology sector in general.

The "Answering your questions" post firstly tackles the question of whether HP will exit the PC business. "No" says Mr Budgell before confusingly adding, "Whether the company is spun off, sold or kept in the HP portfolio, the team here remains committed to creating and supporting great products and services for customers like you all over the world." (ed: he was possibly referring to the Personal Systems Group rather than to HP as a whole).

He also added that more Touchpad tablets will be available shortly on and at local retailers but it seems that he was specifically talking about the US market, as he mentioned a webpage here that is only valid for US customers with another link coming up soon that will allow users to be notified when the tablet will back be in stock.

Unfortunately, he did not give any details as to whether other markets outside the US would be provided with enough stock to match the surge in demand induced by HP's decision to cut the price of the TouchPad to £89.