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AMNews: iPhone 4 Lite & iPhone 5 Launching Together, SpyEye Source Code Leak, No Xbox 360 Price Cut

New unnamed sources have again reaffirmed that Apple will be launching a re-engineered version of the iPhone 4 at the same time as the new iPhone 5 towards the end of September. According to Reuters, the new iPhone 4 will come with 8GB rather than the present 16GB or 32GB and may help Apple boost sales in emerging markets where price is a key factor.

SpyEye, a potentially dangerous hacking tool, has become widely available for anyone to buy, giving rise to concerns about the threat posed by cyber attacks. According to an article on USA Today, security researchers have predicted a large rise in the number of attacks orchestrated using SpyEye for the rest of the year.

Top Microsoft Xbox 360 executive, Chris Lewis, has revealed that the company is not under any pressure to introduce a price cut of the Xbox 360 video game console anytime soon. Interestingly, this revelation has come at a crucial time since the company has seen a steady decline in the sales of the Xbox 360 game console in Japan.

It seems like capitalising on the exponentially expanding Android market has become the latest trend in the tech-world. Almost all capable companies are coming up with their own Android based tablets and smartphones. Lenovo is another example of this booming IT trend which is unlikely to end any time soon.

There's at least one good reason why some retailers have removed the £89 HP TouchPad tablet altogether; the traffic it attracts literally kills websites, acting like a massive distributed denial of service, far bigger than most of them experience during the holiday season.