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App For Monitoring Public Spending Introduced In Slovenia

The government of the Republic of Slovenia has come up with an app, aimed at providing the public with a platform to learn about and monitor public spending throughout the country.

This new and innovative offering, dubbed Supervizor has so far managed to bag a rather positive response from the public. According to the government, the app will prove itself to be particulary handy in curbing corruption in the country.

“The set of data is smaller, more manageable — which makes unified and transparent for monitoring of government spending more feasible,” Devin Coldewey of TechCrunch writes in his report.

“The country’s Commission for the Prevention of Corruption has just launched such a tool, called Supervizor, and it’s live right now if you don’t mind operating it in Slovenian,” Coldewey added.

In order to enhance the ease of operation of the app, the developers have made sure that the display of the end product is really sleek and simple, having additionally taken particular care to make it understandable even for those with little technological aptitude.

Slovenia featured the 27th spot in the corruption perceptions index for the year 2010, with a score of 6.4.