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BBC Survey Exposes Non-3G UK Areas

A new survey conducted by the BBC through crowdsourcing shows that many areas in the United Kingdom have poor 3G coverage.

The BBC last month launched a free Android app, asking users to download and contribute to the 3G coverage study.

More than 40,000 people downloaded the app and the BBC informs that it managed to harvest 1.7 million hours of data.

The crowdsourcing survey revealed that despite the fact that network operators claim to cover 90 percent of the UK with 3G, people in some areas had to make do with slower 2G networks or did not have coverage at all.

BBC collected data from 42 million locations across the UK and found that many areas had rather poor 3G connectivity. The BBC also discovered areas which don’t receive a connection at all, much to the frustration of smartphone users.

“What struck me during this project was just how many people - from priest to plumbers to paediatricians - now see a mobile phone with a data connection as essential to their working lives,” Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC’s technology correspondent said.

“We're not making huge claims for our mobile map - it is after all just a snapshot - but it may provide consumers and the mobile networks themselves with a better picture of the real state of coverage,” he added.