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Charge Your Gadgets While You Walk

It’s no science fiction - two Wisconsin based researchers have come up with a new device which can charge up cell phones, flash lights, cameras as well as a wide range of other portable electronic devices by converting mechanical motion into electrical energy, meaning you will no longer have to plug in your cell phone or mp3 player to the power outlet and wait for it to get fully charged. Instead you can choose to walk around for a while and get your gadget recharged.

It’s sort of almost an established fact that walking generates a significant amount of energy. According to a previous studies carried out by some well known scientists, the human body loses energy, equivalent to 20 watts of electric power with each stride of a foot. Efforts have been on since long to convert some of that lost energy, which dissipates in the form of heat, back into electric power.

However, the efforts till date have not met any substantial amount of success as researchers could come up with only devices capable of generating only a few hundreds milliwatts of power, or even less.

But, that’s just about to change as according to the Wisconsin geniuses, the device they have developed will come pretty handy when it comes to charging portable devices.