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Facebook Moves ‘Privacy Settings To The Forefront’

Social networking giant Facebook is introducing another fresh round of enhanced privacy features in order to appease fans and all concerned who have been raising concerns about the alleged lack of interest shown by Mark Zuckerberg and his company towards securing users’ privacy interests.

The upgrade in privacy policy will see users of the site being rewarded with a tighter control over the things they share via the platform and their accessibility by other users.

According to quite a few industry experts, the move has been taken by the company as a response to the growing threat coming from Internet search behemoth Google’s latest venture in the social networking world – Google+.

Perhaps their theory is not entirely wrong either, as it did not go unnoticed how Google+, when its beta version had first hit the end users’ computers some two months back, managed to bag some rather rave reviews by the virtue of its tighter security and privacy features.

"People should never have to wonder when they post something on Facebook who is going to see it. This is about moving privacy settings to the forefront." Meredith Chin, Facebook's manager of product communications, said during a briefing with reporters, Montreal Gazette reports.