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Facebook Walks the Google+ Way

Social networking giant Facebook has launched some new features to bring it in-line with Google’s Google+.

In a blog post, the company said that the updates had been designed to make it easier for users to share posts, photo tags and similar content with the right people.

The main changes have been made to profile controls and sharing features. The company has introduced inline profile controls, allowing people to decide who can see their content from a drop down menu right next to the content itself.

Users will also be able to approve or reject any photo and post in which they were tagged before they appear on the profile. Earlier, as soon as people were tagged in a photo, it showed up on their profiles.

Facebook also informed that users will be able to review and approve or reject the tag that someone ads to their photos or posts. Users will also be able to decide who gets to see their posts when they first publish it.

The company also informed that users will also be able to change who gets to see their status updates even after they post it.

Some of the other features introduced by Facebook include the ability to tag location in posts and enhanced options for removing tags and content from Facebook.