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Google Feels 'One-on-One Support' Best for Android Developers

Search engine giant Google has decided to close the Android Market developer forum, asking the developers to contact the company directly if they encounter problems.

Google has decided to close down the complaints forum, in which developers used to solve the problems they faced publicly, by consulting other developers.

The forums, which allowed developers to discuss their problems with peers, were useful when the platform was new and many people did not how to find their way around it. In that case, developers asking their peers for help made a lot of sense.

As it stands, the platform has grown and things have become clearer for everyone, they are mostly being used for complaining about the issues being faced by developers rather than asking for genuine help.

Google, somewhat embarrassed by developers complaining about missing payments in public, has decided to close that channel and is now asking developers to contact it directly when they encounter an issue.

“Because of the nature of developer issues, we feel that one-on-one support is best for the types of threads that have historically been posted to this forum by app developers,” Google said in a post. The new forum for developers may be reached at here.