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Google Tests New High-Speed Broadband Technology on Students

Having conquered almost 90 percent of the Internet search market, Google’s ambitious plans to turn into a leading Internet Service Provider is no longer a secret. The company is currently conducting a series of tests to realise its ultimate goal of providing 500,000 people in the US with ultra-fast broadband connectivity.

The tests conducted by the Internet giant may not seem amusing to future rivals in the market like AT&T, but as reports have stated, a bunch of students recently found themselves blessed with the brighter side of the Google Fiber for Communication Project.

The students claimed they were now getting free access to Google Fiber. And if that was not lucky enough, these students also claim that the speed they were receiving surpassed the 500 Mbps mark so far.

“Google is testing it in the Stanford Residential neighborhood. We get it here free for a year,” one student reported.

“The best we have seen so far was a download speed of 528.85 Mbps and an upload speed of 298.68 Mbps. I am trying to hide my jealousy and pretend that I am not drooling over those results,” Wolfgang Gruener wrote in his report.