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HP P10000 Storage Array Unveiled for Cloud Environments

Hewlett-Packard has dished out the P10000 3PAR Storage System which is being targeted towards both public and private cloud computing environments.

The new array family is powered by HP’s 3Par AICS and is being offered in two models, one with two controllers and the other with eight controllers.

According to the company, the product is capable of load balancing both compute and storage capacity in a single mouse click, Computer World reports.

The 3Par V-Class comes with support for up to 1,920 3.5-inch format Fibre Channel or SATA hard disk drives or solid state drives

"The new ASICs give us a high level of performance and allow us to mix transactional workloads, like databases, with sequential workloads, like a backup or analytics or decision support," said Craig Nunes, director of marketing for HP Storage.

"The system offers great expandability for virtualized environments or IT-as-a-service data centres with its ability to consolidate the deployment of virtual machines within one platform." he added.

The storage device will be launching on August 29 and will be available directly from HP or its channel price at a starting price of $288,633.

The storage array has been described as being SAS-ready but the support for the same is expected sometime next year.