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HP TouchPad Latterly Beating iPad 2 On Google Search

As expected, the volume of search traffic for the HP Touchpad has gone through the roof since the 19th of August after HP announced its decision to can WebOS devices including the Pre 3 smartphone and its tablet.

Google Insights for Search reveals that relative traffic for the term Touchpad surged by nearly five times and surpassed the iPad 2 as early as Saturday and has stayed at this level ever since.

Other popular related terms include "hp touchpad", "touchpad uk", "hp touchpad uk" and "buy hp touchpad". Traffic and search for the device surged on Monday night as the first online retailers slashed the price of the HP tablet to only £89.

Since then, tens of thousands of Touchpad tablets have been sold with tens of thousands of prospective customers searching the web desperately to get their hands on tablets stocks that were apparently deliberately drip fed.

The fact that the Touchpad finally managed to outflank the iPad 2 (and become for a few days the most popular tablet in the UK) wil be of little consolation to HP.

The computer giant has had to take a $100 million hit as it discounted the tablet to $99 in the US and £89 in the UK for the 16GB model.