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Microsoft Announces 30,000 App Landmark For Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Marketplace now offers more than 30,000 apps, a milestone that Android took 17 months to achieve.

In a blog post announcing new tools for Windows Phone Mango, the company revealed that it was nearing 30,000 apps in Marketplace.

The company achieved the milestone twice as fast as Android and round about the same time as Apple’s iOS, which reached 30,000 apps in 8 months.

Microsoft has been working hard to attract developers to its platform, offering free phones, tools and training to anyone who wishes to make Windows Phone 7 apps. The company recently managed to siphon off scores of webOS developers after HP decided to stop making devices based on the platform.

The efforts are obviously paying off, with the company adding hundreds of new apps every day. The Windows Phone 7 platform, which will soon be graced by the Mango update, has had rave reviews and people like its slick user interface. HTC is expected to announce new Windows Phone 7 handsets next week as well.

However, the future of the platform rests on the multi-billion dollar deal Microsoft signed with Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia, which decided to ditch Symbian to work on handsets for Microsoft's OS.