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Microsoft Issues SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3 CTP

Microsoft this week introduced the CTP (community technology preview) of its new service pack 3 with the view of providing assistance in the support of various variants of the SQL Server 2008.

CTPs are basically just test versions of Microsoft products, aimed at gaining user feedback prior to their final release. The previous service pack launched by the software giant for the SQL Server 2008 platform was the September 2010 released Service Pack 2.

The company made available the CTP test variant of the new Service Pack 3 for the first time earlier this week through the Microsoft Download Center.

The product is available in both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions for almost all the editions of the product including the Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise, Developer as well as the Evaluation versions.

“With this Service pack, Microsoft is introducing approximately 65%* fewer changes to customer configurations compared to previous SQL Server Service Pack releases,” wrote Abhishek Sinha, a program manager for the Microsoft SQL Server sustained engineering team in a Microsoft blog post.

“This remarkable improvement is a testament to an evolved and disciplined product development process and updated servicing strategy that is focused on ease of deployment and customer environment stability,” he added.