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Microsoft Makes Changes to Windows 8 User Interface

Microsoft has detailed changes to basic file operations like copying and moving in Windows 8.

According to the Building Windows 8 blog, the company has made significant improvements to the user interface to give users greater control for copying, moving, and transferring files.

The company said that users will be able to view and control all current copy jobs from a single user interface. All the pending copying jobs will be present in a single window instead of multiple dialogue boxes.

Windows 8 will also allow users to stop, pause, and resume each copying job giving them greater control over copy operations. Users will also be able to click and open the source or destination folders when copying.

Microsoft has also incorporated a real-time graph that allows users to see the speeds at which a particular file is being copied.

“Copying, moving, renaming, and deleting are far and away the most heavily used features within Windows Explorer, representing 50% of total command usage (based on Windows 7 telemetry data). For Windows 8, we want to make sure that using these core file management commands, which we collectively refer to as “copy jobs,” is a great experience,” Microsoft said.