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Nintendo Planning Major 3DS Rejig?

More and more rumours are flooding about Nintendo planning to introduce big changes to its 3DS hand-held gaming console.

The company is organising a news conference in Tokyo on September 13th to talk about the future of the gaming console, which has seen unsatisfactory sales figures since its launch. It is expected that during the conference, Nintendo might unveil its future plans for 3DS.

3DS, which allows people to play glass-free 3D games, had its price cut by Nintendo drastically as it wanted to give a boost to its poor sales figures. Nintendo is expected to unveil radical new changes to the console, experts believe.

According to a report on the French technology blog 01Net, Nintendo is planning to add a second analog stick to the console as a part of the redesign and reduce the emphasis on glass free gaming.

A second analog stick will make it easier for developers to make cross platform games for both 3DS and PS Vita.

Many will dismiss the report quickly but the website has been right in the past about Sony’s PS Vita and Nintendo’s Wii U console, so there might be weight behind the claims.

But, many are of the opinion that the company will be focusing on the software and online aspect of the gaming console rather than any changes to the hardware itself.