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Noon News: iPhone 5 Specs Reaffirmed, Nintendo 3DS Design Overhaul, Plusnet Broadband Price Cuts

Sources who recently told Reuters that Asian manufacturers have started mass producing a low-cost iPhone 4 with 8GB onboard storage, have also confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be called the iPhone 4S, which will be "largely identical" to the existing iPhone 4 and will be launched by the end of September.

More and more rumours are flooding about Nintendo planning to introduce big changes to its 3DS hand-held gaming console. The company is organising a news conference in Tokyo on September 13th to talk about the future of the gaming console, which has seen unsatisfactory sales figures since its launch. It is expected that during the conference, Nintendo might unveil its future plans for 3DS.

Search engine giant Google has decided to close the Android Market developer forum, asking the developers to contact the company directly if they encounter problems. Google has decided to close down the complaints forum, in which developers used to solve the problems they faced publicly, by consulting other developers.

BT-owned broadband company Plusnet has slashed the monthly residential price of its service by half to £3.24 which is a penny cheaper than its nearest rival, Talktalk. What's more, while the latter is sticking to this price for nine months, the Yorkshire-based internet service provider has extended it to a whole year with the price of the line rental even lower than Talktalk.

It’s no science fiction - two Wisconsin based researchers have come up with a new device which can charge up cell phones, flash lights, cameras as well as a wide range of other portable electronic devices by converting mechanical motion into electrical energy, meaning you will no longer have to plug in your cell phone or mp3 player to the power outlet and wait for it to get fully charged. Instead you can choose to walk around for a while and get your gadget recharged.