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Samsung Introduces "Incredible" Series 7 700G Gamer Notebook

Korean Electronics giant Samsung has come up with a brand new, powerful laptop designed to cater for hardcore gamers with its dedicated gaming specs and features.

The new offering, dubbed the Series 7 700G Gamer notebook PC, according to the company holds the potential to deliver a “smarter and richer” gaming platform for all videogame enthusiasts.

Powered by a Intel Core i7 Processor (quad core), the new device comes equipped with a wide range of specs and features, quite capable of taking its users’ gaming experience to an entirely new level, Samsung brags.

The Series 7 Gamer notebook PC features a really sophisticated AMD Radeon HD graphics card in addition to its 8 GB built-in memory. Combine both these specs and you are all set to get what Samsung refers to as "incredible gaming speeds". On the display front, the product features a 17.3 inch 3D display, capable of providing a resolution of upto full HD 1920 x 1080p. 3D surround sound is also included in the package.

"With the Series 7 GAMER we have delivered a notebook that can compete with a desktop PC, and that sets the benchmark for gaming notebooks," Damian Cusick, GM of Computing at Samsung for the UK and Ireland claims, The Inquirer reports.