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Samsung Meets Taiwanese OEMs for Notebook Manufacturing

Korean consumer electronics maker Samsung has reportedly met with Taiwanese OEMs in order to discuss outsourcing notebook manufacturing to them.

According to Digitimes, sources revealed that the company had met with officials from Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Pegatron Technology in August for notebook outsourcing. The sources believe that the talks might bear fruit soon and Samsung, which outsources product manufacturing in China, might place a small order with the Taiwanese OEMs.

Industry insiders believe that Samsung is in talks to expand its production volumes as it plans to acquire HP’s personal computer business. Hewlett-Packard recently announced that it is considering selling off its PC business and plans to discontinue making tablets and smartphones based on webOS.

Taiwanese OEM industry is considered best in the world, in terms of cost and efficiency. HP’s more than 40 million shipping volume is managed by the OEMs and if Samsung decides to acquire HP’s PC business, it would have to rely on the Taiwanese OEMs to manage the shipment volumes.

“The sources pointed out that if HP's PC business is sold to other brand players, makers such as Quanta, Foxconn and Inventec are expected to see the most impact as they have higher order proportions with HP, while Wistron and Compal are expected to benefit,” the Digitimes report read.