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Sony iPad 2 Rival To Be Called Tablet S

The official name of the Sony S1 Tablet will be the Tablet S which is set to be launched towards the beginning of September, probably before the 15th.

According to Engadget, the device will come with Android 3.1 Honeycomb but should be upgradable rather easily to Ice Cream Sandwich.

The tablet has an uncharacteristic display; it is a 9.4-inch model with a 1280x768 pixel resolution. The diagonal size is smaller than the iPad 2 or most of its Android rivals and the resolution could be problematic for apps that stick to Honeycomb's 1280x800 pixels (although whether 41000 pixels are significant or not is another discussion).

Other specifications include an Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC clocked at 1GHz, 1GB RAM, an integrated IR blaster that will allow the tablet to control other devices (not unlike the Vizio model we saw a few months ago), a five megapixel rear camera and a three-megapixel front facing one.

As expected, the tablet will be PlayStation Certified and will come with an array of preinstalled Sony app/content like Reader Store, Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited.

Engadget also confirmed that the Tablet S will be complemented by a range of accessories including wireless keyboard, a docking station, a micro-USB to USB host dongle and more.