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TV Advertising and Online Sales - The Connection

A new marketing study has found that online shoppers are heavily influenced by what see on the television.

According to a study conducted by market research firm Deloitte on behalf of the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, a fifth of the 18-24 year olds surveyed who saw a product on TV went online to buy it.

The company said that TV was the third most powerful driver of online sales after discovering a product in a store and recommendations from family and friends. Meanwhile, social media platforms were a heavy driver of online sales, with Facebook influencing only 3 percent of the respondents and Twitter 2 percent.

The survey, which interviewed around 4,000 UK adults, also found that 68 percent of the consumers browsed the web occasionally while watching TV while 45 percent of the people shopped online as they watched television.

“Today television appears to exert a significant influence on purchasing decisions made within the living room and in the high-street,” said Jolyon Barker, Deloitte's global lead, technology, media and telecommunication.

“Being connected means TV viewers can research, typically in the form of price comparisons and reviews, and transact - all within the space of an advertising break. All of this is very powerful to broadcaster,” he added.