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Twitter Founder Reveals New Venture 'Lift'

Co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone, who took voluntary retirement from active duties at the social networking giant in order to focus more on Obvious Corporation, has disclosed details of Obvious Corp’s first ever project.

The company has formed a partnership with the creators of an application called ‘Lift’- which aims at "unlocking human potential through positive reinforcement," the Twitter daddy revealed in a blog post carrying the title ‘Unlocking Potential’.

"It's important never to delude ourselves into thinking that technology changes the world. People are responsible for change--technology just helps out," Stone wrote in the Unlocking Potential blog.

“Our plan is to build something extraordinary together. The Obvious Corporation will assist the talented Lift team with strategy, design, funding, recruiting--in general, we'll be helpful wherever possible," he added.

Stone also shared with the world a few important aspects of the new offering. But he clearly put more emphasis on letting the industry, as well as the tech enthusiasts know how the company is going to operate in the days to come.

Lift still remains in its early private-alpha days. However, the company has appealed to the tech community to come and visit the site in order to receive more information regarding when it is going to be finally available.