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UK Council Websites Fail EU Cookie Test

A recent study has revealed that near about 99 percent of the websites belonging to the UK’s public sector organisations do not comply with the in-action European Union laws by not asking the visitors for their consent while deploying cookies in their computers.

According to the new Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendment) Regulations introduced by the EU sometimes during May, websites operators must ask for consent from their visitors while storing cookies in their systems. The new regulations also leave scope for authorities to enforce heavy fines on those who breach them.

The study was conducted by Socitm based on special automated search technology operated by Cookie Reports Ltd. and it involved the careful examined cases of some 603 public sector websites, which quite shockingly included 433 primary websites maintained by local authorities.

"We audited about 600 local public sector websites including all local authorities and police, fire and housing websites and a few others and had a look to see how many cookies are on the sites," Martin Greenwood, Socitm Insight programme manager said, The Guardian reports.

“We found that there are far more cookies on these sites than those organisations thought,” he added.