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US Samsung Galaxy S2 To Come With Modified Button Layout

Samsung has slightly changed the design of its popular Galaxy S2 smartphone ahead of its launch in the US, potentially to make it look more like an Android phone and less like an iPhone.

That change is the removal of the home button, something inspired by Apple's iPhone, and its replacement with a more traditional "four button" row as found on most Android handsets.

Although the change has apparently been expected for a long time, it comes amidst a major legal battle between Samsung and Apple over the design similarities between the Galaxy series and the iPhone and iPad.

The Galaxy S2 will be one of the more prominent rivals to the iPhone 5 when it launches and Apple's lawsuit aims to get a blanket ban on US imports of the Galaxy S2.

The phone will launch in the US on most major mobile operators with each of them adopting a different name for the Galaxy S2 unlike their UK counterparts who stick to one name to avoid any confusion.

With millions already sold, the Galaxy S2 has been a major success for Samsung. Currently available for around £25 per month on contract, it has a 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive display, a dual core Exynos 4210 SoC, 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi, an eight-megapixel camera and more.