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Windows 8 Will Support USB 3.0, Microsoft Says

Software giant Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming Windows 8 operating system will come with native support for USB 3.0 data transfer technology.

The company said that it will be enhancing the software stack on Windows 8 to support USB 3.0 which is the successor to USB 2.0 and offers data transfer speeds that are ten times faster.

Not many laptops and desktop PCs come with USB 3.0 support but offer it as an additional specification. Windows 7 does not come with native support for USB 3.0, something which Microsoft wants to change with Windows 8.

The company said in a blog post that by 2015, all personal computers are expected to come with support for USB 3.0 and predicted that over 2 billion ‘SuperSpeed’ USB devices will be sold.

“The decision to invest in USB 3.0 was an easy one to make, but doing so without compromising the existing USB ecosystem was a big challenge to overcome. Our design had to follow the revised 3.0 specification precisely in order to enable emerging USB 3.0 hardware,” Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky wrote.

“There are also billions of older USB devices that Windows must remain compatible with,” he continued.