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£599 LG 50PZ550T 50" Full HD Plasma 3D TV

If you want to experience the very essence of home cinema, then the LG 50PZ550T 50" Full HD Plasma 3D TV is the one to go for.

The stunning picture quality and an enormous 50-inch screen gives you the complete theatre like experience right in the comfort of your living room.

LG 50PZ550T is the world's first 3D THX Award Winning LG Plasma 3D TV which guarantees an audio and visual experience like no other TV and the movie effects would blow you away just as any movie director would have intended. The THX Display Certification ensures that your home will feel just like the 3D Cinema with razor sharp picture quality.

Along with the standard features like ultra-high 3,000,000:1 contrast ration, instant response times, unlimited viewing angles, the LG 50PZ550T 50" Full HD Plasma 3D TV also brings you 3D playback. A built-in RF-type 3D transmitter allows compatibility with active-shutter type glasses for stunningly realistic 3D imagery. That makes this television a smart choice for the future.

For those who are into sports and action-movies, the 600 Hz sub-field driving rate of this display delivers crisp reproduction of fast-moving content.

The Plasma TV offers a broad array of connectivity options too which includes 3 HDMI ports, SCART, component, and even a VGA input for using your plasma TV as an enormous computer monitor. The USB port on the TV allows for playing music, videos or photos from a USB drive, while a Freeview HD tuner ensures you'll always have great things to watch!

The LG 50PZ550T 50" Full HD Plasma 3D TV is available from Dixons for £599.