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Amazon Clearing Kindle Stock Ahead Of Tablet Launch?

Amazon has dropped the price of its refurbished Kindle tablet to only £68 including VAT, a potential sign that it is trying to shift existing stock of its Kindle ebook reader as it prepares for the forthcoming launch of its new tablets and ebook readers.

The device which is labelled as a "factory refurbished" model, is factory sealed and comes with a USB cable only. The refurbished version of the 3G Kindle is also being discounted to £98.59, which is a third less than the £152 customers have to pay for the new version.

The US-based online retailing giant is set to launch one or more Android-based tablets by the year's end together with a number of ebook readers as well (including one called Kindlescribe which may come with a stylus).

The Kindle is currently Amazon's most popular product and has already sold millions, making it by far the most successful dedicated ebook reader out there although other tablets including the iPad 2 have gradually started to compete with it.

It's worth noting that Amazon has not discounted the price of the brand new Kindle readers themselves; Amazon, for some reason, never brought the larger Kindle DX or the Kindle 3G with Special Offers to the UK.