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AMNews: Windows Phone Mango SDK, Motorola Fire, Nokia 700 With Symbian Belle

Microsoft Corporation has announced that the Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) 7.1 will be launched sometimes towards the end of September. The company also revealed that the SDK 7.1 will provide the Windows Phone developer community with a platform whereupon they can take the maximum possible advantage of all the new features offered by the Windows Phone 7.5 OS, more famously known as Mango.

US based mobile giant Motorola has announced that it is going to launch its Fire smartphone in the UK sometime during the next month. The Fire, which is considered by quite a few analysts as Motorola’s answer to the RIM BlackBerry, happens to be a budget smartphone powered by the Android OS.

The Windows Phone Marketplace now offers more than 30,000 apps, a milestone that Android took 17 months to achieve. In a blog post announcing new tools for Windows Phone Mango, the company revealed that it was nearing 30,000 apps in Marketplace.

Nokia has pulled the curtains on a brand new handset, the Nokia 700, which adopts a straightforward naming convention which may mean the end of separate sub-categories (N-series, E-Series etc). The Nokia 700 - formerly known as Zeta - marks the introduction of the next generation Symbian mobile platform, Belle, which takes over from Anna. The handset comes with a 1GHz SoC and a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, the same found on the more mainstream Nokia 500.

Microsoft this week introduced the CTP (community technology preview) of its new service pack 3 with the view of providing assistance in the support of various variants of the SQL Server 2008. CTPs are basically just test versions of Microsoft products, aimed at gaining user feedback prior to their final release. The previous service pack launched by the software giant for the SQL Server 2008 platform was the September 2010 released Service Pack 2.