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Anonymous Exposes Naked Photos of BART Spokesperson

Hacktivist group Anonymous has posted nude photos of BART media spokesperson Linton Johnson as its tiff with BART escalates.

BART had incurred the wrath of Anonymous after it shutdown cell service during a protest against a fatal shooting of a homeless man by BART officers. Anonymous along with the public believe that BART violated peoples’ rights by doing so.

The agency however, explained that it was afraid that people would use cell phone services to co-ordinate massive protests which could be dangerous for the civil society, including the commuters.

However, after hacking BART’s website and servers and organising protests in and outside metro stations in San Francisco, Anonymous, perhaps wanted to something more to humiliate the organisation.

The OpBART twitter account informed that nude pictures of Linton Johnson had been posted online, along with his personal contact information. The hackers posted a series of 8 photos of Johnson on Weebly, a platform which allows people to create websites.

Meanwhile, it seems that there is someone within Anonymous who does not agree with the method adopted by OpBART.

“Hey @OpBART, don't be the douche who releases Linton's photos. That's a very low road to take, sir,” Anonyops tweeted.