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Apple iPad 2 Successor To Have Three LCD Suppliers

We are not sure exactly when the iPad 2 successor will be released but there are already ongoing talks about possible component suppliers for the tablet expected early next year.

DigiTimes comes with news from another “industry source”, reporting that Apple could have more production partners than it was previously believed, three primary LCD makers and two backlight-unit manufacturers.

The three big names could be LG Display, Samsung Electronics and Sharp while LG could remain the biggest partner in panel supplying with Samsung closely following. The report states that Sharp could climb a position or even get to the top if they manage a stable supply of high quality panels for the upcoming tablets.

A crucial part of the supply chain will be played by the manufacturers of the “Retina display” that is expected to be deployed in the iPad 3. The iPad 2 successor is predicted to hit the shelves towards the beginning of 2012; in order to avoid issues in the supply chain, Apple is instructing its key partners beforehand to prevent such unfortunate events that could cause backlogs and harm the company’s reputation.

As for backlight units, Apple will reportedly partner with the Taiwanese company, Radiant Opto-Electronics, along with Samsung.

With Tim Cook at the helm, who is said to be an operational genius, we could see some changes in the way Apple treats and instructs its production partners.