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Apple Preparing Ad Spots for iPhone 5

Remember the first iPhone ad? What about the iPhone 3G ad? Apple is well known for its slick marketing strategy and enticing advertising spots.

Apple Insider reports that Apple is in the process of making ad spots for what is thought to be a national advertising campaing. The iPhone 5 is the most anticipated version so far, as the big base of devotees had to wait more than one year to see the fifth version of the iPhone. That’s why the ads for it need not to be disappointing but rather “charming” and reassuring for every Apple lover out there.

More details have leaked and "somebody on the inside" suggested that shooting for television spots is taking place somewhere in Los Angeles, coordinated by Apple’s partner ad agency, TBWAChiatDay. Another “inside” person is saying that these advertising spots will roll out around the first week of October. September seems like too “early” for the ads to be approved, edited, and polished.

Similar reports from BGR and Tipb pointed out that iPhone 5 is more likely to be released in October than September. Now with Jobs gone, maybe Apple needs a little extra time in case Tim Cook has different ideas for the iPhone 5 launch.