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Enterprise DB Announces New Product to Manage Multiple Servers at One Time

Westford-based software and programming solution provider Enterprise DB announced on Tuesday that it could raise the relevance of its database for Oracle shops with the help of a brand new toolset.

According to the company, when implemented, the new offering could result in a performance enhancement for businesses as the new toolset has been designed to manage multiple servers simultaneously.

Enterprise DB has named this potentially game-changing, open source alternative to Oracle, as Postgres Enterprise Manager.

Tegan Padir, the vice presidents of product and marketing at EnterpriseDB expressed his opinion on this new offering from his company by saying that with more and more IT organisations lessening their dependency on Oracle, it was an important step taken by his company to have come up with this robust set of tools.

“The Enterprise Manager feature, which is based on the pgAdmin open-source project, is available on Windows and Linux and is included in any of EnterpriseDB's Postgre Plus subscription offerings. Stand-alone subscriptions can also be purchased for US$1,995 per socket,” wrote Chris Kanaracus in PC World.