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French Publisher Settles Suit with Google Over Online Publishing of Books

A ‘rogue’ publisher from France who previously opposed Google’s practice of the online publishing of books without permission from authors or publishing companies, and who even dragged the Mountain View-based search giant to the court over the issue, has reportedly entered into an agreement with the company.

But the legal battle caused Google severe embarrassment and some monetary loss. After battling it out in the court for years, the French publisher finally convinced the French legal establishment in 2009 that what Google had been doing over the years was wrong and not justifiable.

The French court, ater hearing the case, found Google guilty of forgery and awarded a hefty settlement of 300,000 euros to La Martiniere, the French publishing house.

Now, however,La Martiniere has come to an agreement with Google to settle the issue once and for all, hopefully!

"Google is now in agreement with all of our demands. We've made peace," Herve La Martiniere, chief executive of publishing group La Martiniere said as reported by AFP.

"We are erasing (the past) and turning towards the future. It was pointless to keep fighting," he added.