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Google+1 Gets Exciting With Friend Annotations

Seems like the Mountain View based Internet search giant Google is putting every bit of effort in order to ensure that its brand new offering Google Plus conquers the social networking universe just the way the company’s search engine has conquered the worldwide search market.

The site, which is yet to be officially launched and continues to be in the beta testing, is coming up with new features and improvisation with every passing day to ensure that users do not lose their interests even before the launch of the actual end-product.

As a part of that strategy adopted by the company, it unveiled another feature in order to make the +1 button more exciting with the addition of friend annotations.

“You may have already noticed faces and names when you hover over a +1 button,” Google Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan said in a post on the Google+ Platform preview, Mashable reports.

“This change rolled out late last week. Now, you can make these recommendations even more visible to your users. Simply update the +1 button code, and an inline annotation will show next to the button,” he added.

Experts believe that Google will be rolling out a search algorithm based on Google +1 and this may lead to abuse of the search engine results to some extent.