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Guy Set To Sell 100 HP TouchPad Tablets On Ebay

For those who are gutted at having lost out on the £89 HP Touchpad tablet, here's some extra salt to rub in your wounds; we've been sent a link to an Ebay Seller who managed to sell a whopping 70 tablets yesterday between 1PM and 8PM with a selling price of £199 including delivery, which is more than twice the selling price of the TouchPad (link).

This means that he managed to earn £7700 gross from his transactions and around £6000 net once you take out the Ebay fees, the Paypal tax and the cost of shipping the items.

In addition, he has also started to sell another batch of at least 26 Touchpad tablets since this morning for the same price (that active page is here), one which is the cheapest BIN for the device on Ebay.

Some of our readers have been understandably miffed by the entrepreneur who sells under the name of Damien, because he managed somehow to get hold of a huge amount of TouchPads while scores have been left disappointed and desperate to get one of the clearance tablets.

It is likely however that the account is one of the many retailers that have decided not to sell the tablet on their own websites and are relying instead on Ebay's resilient infrastructure.