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HP TouchPad Running Android Goes On Ebay

An auction is currently running on Ebay that claims to be for a 32GB HP TouchPad tablet that runs Android; the three-day auction has already reached $660 with only six bids and 1/12th of the time elapsed.

The seller, Dallasboygreen, says that the winner of the sale can use the tablet to apply for the $2150 bounty that is currently on offer at HacknMod for the person or group who first succeeds in porting Android to the Touchpad. It is worth noting that the seller in question apparently purchased the tablet from Best Buy and posted three videos of the running tablet (check below).

Looking closely at the video, one can see the "Quic" logo which stands for Qualcomm Innovation Center, which leads us to believe that the chipset maker already had a running version of Android (Android 2.2.1 Froyo) on the HP TouchPad.

A number of pictures have been published on the Ebay page but there's no conclusive proof that the device is actually running Android with some pointing to the fact that the videos do not show any significant interaction with the capacitive touch screen (could be a video) and are quite shaky, two telltale signs of hoaxes.

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