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Late News: iPhone 5 Ad Spots, BBM Music Service Launched, Low End iPhone 4

Remember the first iPhone ad? What about the iPhone 3G ad? Apple is well known for its slick marketing strategy and enticing advertising spots. Apple Insider reports that Apple is in the process of making ad spots for what is thought to be a national advertising campaing. The iPhone 5 is the most anticipated version so far, as the big base of devotees had to wait more than one year to see the fifth version of the iPhone. That’s why the ads for it need not to be disappointing but rather “charming” and reassuring for every Apple lover out there.

BlackBerry and PlayBook maker Research In Motion has launched a brand new music service designed to lure users just the way it did with its massively popular BlackBerry Messanger (BBM) service. The new offering, named BlackBerry Music will be a cloud based service and it is inspired by the concept of social media sites, RIM revealed.

Windows maker Microsoft Corporation is currently busy working on a brand new version of its Windows Phone 7, aimed at low costs market and developing nations. The new offering, dubbed “Tango” will reportedly be as per with the similar versions of Windows Phone 7 on many fronts and it will feature a handful of basic services and features such as Bing Search.

While we all expect new products from Apple to come with various improvements, such as faster processors, more memory storage, etc; a report from Reuters comes to suggest that Apple will release within weeks a low-end version of the present iPhone 4 with less storage capacity, probably to target markets in developing countries.

A new report has revealed that mobile phone users who purchase apps through their mobile phone bill usually buy almost twice as many applications as compared to those who pay via credit cards. The data was made available by the telecom giant Vodafone. Vodafone has already offered the service in the UK where users can make purchases of Nokia and BlackBerry apps via their mobile bills and without requiring to use any credit cards.