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Microsoft Announces Integration of Skype to New Generation Handsets

Redmond-based software giant, and maker of the Windows Phone, Microsoft Corporation has finally confirmed the availability of the market leading VoIP platform Skype in its forthcoming handsets powered by the Mango operating software.

Microsoft revealed the news at the recent TechEd event, held in New Zealand. In addition to the integration of Skype, the company also announced that the new handsets featuring Mango will also be equipped with both front and rear facing cameras.

"Nice, they just confirmed at TechEd NZ that #WP7 devices with forward-facing cameras are coming with Mango - and Skype will support it," reads one post from the official Twitter account of the Windows Phone. Many people are interested in video calling capabilities, so this announcement is a welcome sign of things to come.

However, it is unclear whether the Skype integration will be effective immediately with the Mango update or if fans will have to wait until a future update in the platform is completed to see if it appears as a separate application.

But the good news for all those who love the very concept of video calling is that the new series of handsets are almost certain to come equipped with front facing cameras.