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Microsoft Rumour: Windows Phone ‘Tango’ In The Making

Windows maker Microsoft Corporation is currently busy working on a brand new version of its Windows Phone 7, aimed at low costs market and developing nations.

The new offering, dubbed “Tango” will reportedly be as per with the similar versions of Windows Phone 7 on many fronts and it will feature a handful of basic services and features such as Bing Search. However, these handsets will not come up with all the high-end features as the full version itself, according to Hong Kong based blogging site We Love Windows Phone.

Apparently the blog post in We Love WP was citing inputs taken from an unnamed Microsoft person earlier in the week in an MSDN event held in Hong Kong.

Though Microsoft is yet to confirm these reports, quite a few analysts are of the opinion that such an approach would not be too surprising after all, considering the company’s developing markets strategy in till-now-unexplored territories.

“A low-cost version of Windows Phone 7 would also help Microsoft take full advantage of partner Nokia's status as the largest supplier of mobile phone handsets outside the United States,” Information Week forecasts.

There are also rumours that the next version of Windows Phone 8 code named 'Apollo' is supposedly coming in late 2012.