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Operator Billing Nurturing Mobile Apps Ecosystem

A new report has revealed that mobile phone users who purchase apps through their mobile phone bill usually buy almost twice as many applications as compared to those who pay via credit cards.

The data was made available by the telecom giant Vodafone. Vodafone has already offered the service in the UK where users can make purchases of Nokia and BlackBerry apps via their mobile bills and without requiring to use any credit cards. The company also announced recently that it plans to extend the service to the ever expanding Android platform as well.

If we are to believe the words of Vodafone’s Group Commercial Development Director, Tobin Ireland, customers have installed almost twice as many more BlackBerry apps, 70 percent of whom were paid ones since the introduction of the new billing system.

“You can stimulate and shape ecosystems but you can’t determine them,” Mr Ireland stated, The Telegraph, UK reports.

“But I would expect the Android Market, over time, to be rebalanced much more to what you see in the Apple App store,” he added on a rather optimistic note.

According to industry experts, the sales-figure of apps are going to increase even more in the days to come, when Vodafone finally extends its advanced billing system to the Android platform.